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Image oubliee

Image oubliee

SKU: YME 2018/006
VAT Included

- 2018 -


for PIANO FOUR HANDS - advanced


'Image oubliée' was written on the occasion of the Debussy year 2018, a tribute to the grandmaster, not in style, but in the form of the constantly present note D (re), which is played continuously and softly repetitively in one of the 4 hands (like a shadow from which you cannot escape). The title also refers to Debussy's 'Images'. But 'Image oubliée' is primarily about the absence of someone or something, a loss, an emptiness. Or an image, a memory that fades. To everyone who feels forgotten, or is being forgotten.

Recording performers: An Hoorelbeke and Bart Van Kerchove, piano 


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