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TRAVERSÉE - flute & piano

TRAVERSÉE - flute & piano

SKU: YME 2017/004
VAT Included

- 2017 -


For FLUTE and PIANO - professional level

Traversée can be interpreted as a crossing that you, as a human being, dream or wish you will one day make, a kind of evolution perhaps, that you want to make, but that somehow you cannot (yet) succeed. In the music there is first the realization that you want to embark on that 'journey', then it grows into an intense desire, almost desperation because it doesn't seem to work. There is also a kind of struggle with oneself, and in the end a disappointment and resignation that the 'other side' or the most obvious thing has not been reached...

Performers recording: Ensemble Seafonia: Annelies Langenaekens, flute, Bart Meynckens, piano.

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