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'B'ifurcation Point

'B'ifurcation Point

SKU: YME 2016/002
VAT Included

- 2016 -


piano solo


Due to human actions, the ecosystem of Mother Earth has changed dramatically. Humanity is at a turning point (bifurcation point) has come, and we are faced with a choice: continue as we are doing (and irrevocably disrupt the ecological balance), or drastically reinvent our way of life, and thus choose a sustainable future. This is not a Greenpeace commercial, but the commitment of 'B'IFURCATION POINT. A cry for help from theconcern about global warming. However, each of us can make a difference by consciously dealing with our power as consumers!


Selected for'Fingerprints #2', a CD production by Klara, Flanders Arts Institute and ComAV. Performed by pianist Dorenda Notermans. Broadcast on Klara on July 11, 2016. 

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Dear music lover, all productions can be downloaded digitally (PDF). However, if you would like a paper copy, originally in hard cover, please send us amail. Thanks, Bart.

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