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Baie de Somme - 1. Nuages

Baie de Somme - 1. Nuages

VAT Included

In this wonderful piece, Bart Van Kerchove, brings alive the atmosphere of the beautiful Baye of the Somme in France. In the first movement of a suite of three movements, Nuages Bart evokes the beautiful skies in the Baye of the Somme. The violin and orchestra are using a comprehensive language in a chamber music setting. The parts are playable for every slightly advanced player. An original and beautiful piece, that can be played with piano or with strings (version with piano available).

Special exemption scheme for small businesses – free of VAT

Dear music lover, all productions can be downloaded digitally (PDF). However, if you would like a paper copy, originally in hard cover, please send us amail. Thanks, Bart.

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