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EGG - mixed ensemble 10 parts

EGG - mixed ensemble 10 parts

SKU: YME 2015/008
VAT Included

- 2015 -




Composed on the occasion of50 years of art education in Kruishoutem, Belgium.

Kruishoutem as 'Eierstad' explains the choice of the title of the work 'EGG', which also stands for the 3-note motif that dominates the entire composition. For 10 musicians. Performers recording:

Claire Thiry, Flute - Dagmar Robben, Oboe - Katrijn Poppe, Clarinet - Joachim Van Bockstael, Trombone - Bart Van Kerchove, Triangel and Egg-Shaker - Jessica Peel, Vibraphone - Wim Maertens, Guitar - Hendrik Ide, Violin - Christophe Deckers, Double Bass - Alexander Vangaever, Piano - Marc Masson, conductor.

(the individual parties are included in the price.)

TIP:listen to the recording with headphones to hear the soft, low beginning in the double bass.

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Dear music lover, all productions can be downloaded digitally (PDF). However, if you would like a paper copy, originally in hard cover, please send us amail. Thanks, Bart.

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