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Hareng Saur - mezzo soprano & piano

Hareng Saur - mezzo soprano & piano

SKU: YME 2019/006
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- 2019 -



For the Ensor commemoration in Ostend in 2019 (exactly 70 years ago, Ostend's most famous resident, the painter James Ensor, died), Bart Van Kerchove was commissioned to write a song with lyrics by Dirk Ooms. In his text 'Hareng Saur', referring to Ensor's famous painting, Dirk Ooms manages to capture the spirit of Ensor's work in a subtle but spicy way, with a nice play on words: Hareng Saur, Art Ensor... There is also a subtle reference to a piano work by James Ensor, who was also a composer, namely 'Gamme d'amour'. 

Performers on the live recording in the Duinenkerkje in Ostend on 13/04/2019 are: Mieke Goetghebeur, mezzo-soprano, and Bart Van Kerchove, piano


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