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'Lucy's Footprints' starts from a fictional event: the moment when Lucy, one of the first hominids, looks towards the horizon and decides to move on, leave the continent of Africa and move towards new horizons. The first steps she takes in that direction at that moment leave symbolic footprints: they are not only the beginning of the spread of the first hominids across the globe, but in that sense also symbolize the beginning of humanity. There is also a link between Lucy's first footprint and the large ecological footprint that humanity leaves behind today, a footprint so large that it may even pose a threat to humanity itself.

'Lucy's Footprints' was selected for 'Fingerprints#3', a CD production by Klara, Kunstenpunt and Sabam for Culture, on which 21 'fingerprints' can be heard from as many Flemish contemporary composers.

The performers on the recording are: Amaryllis Bartholomeus, viola, Adilia Yip, marimba, Kiyotaka Izumi, piano


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Dear music lover, all productions can be downloaded digitally (PDF). However, if you would like a paper copy, originally in hard cover, please send us amail. Thanks, Bart.

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