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Trail of Tears (5 parts) - percussion duo

Trail of Tears (5 parts) - percussion duo

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- 2017 -

Percussion duo

5 Tributes to the Native American People, for Percussion Duo 'As One'

The moment Christopher Columbus discovered America, the seeds of a great tragedy were sown that would span approximately 4 centuries: the systematic expulsion and extermination of the American natives or Indians by the white occupier. All this history is one'Trail of Tears', a trail of tears. It is a story of ingratitude (the first settlers would never have survived without the help of the Indians - oh irony), of deceit, of land hunger and gold rush, of violation of treaties, of fraud, of fighting with unequal weapons, of misunderstanding, of genocide, of reservations.

'Trail of Tears' also refers to the 'Tour of Tears', the forced deportation of thousands of Cherokees and other Indian tribes to the West, in 1838.

'Trail of Tears' is a 5-part ode to the original American inhabitants.

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